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Jul. 18th, 2017 09:50 am
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And here is the full picture that I painted for [personal profile] selenite0's Torchship Captain cover I posted yesterday:

Torchship Captain by sfolse on DeviantArt

Why paint so much that's just going to be covered by the title and top image of a face? (a) portfolio work and (b) to potentially sell as prints. :)

(also: the window started from a 3D program and the wall started from a copyright-free set of textures, and then I painted over them and photomontaged stuff into them. I can't draw lines that straight.)

I made a picture

Jul. 17th, 2017 03:47 pm
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And I made a book cover from it.

Torchship Captain Book Cover by sfolse on DeviantArt

Torchship Captain, the cover of the third book in Karl K. Gallagher's (aka [personal profile] selenite0) science fiction trilogy. I'll get the version of the cover without the title and the face on top posted before too long. I kinda forgot to send it to myself and I'm at work right now

If anybody happens to wander by and sees this, and is in the market for a book cover painting or a cover made from stock photos I can do that!

bats! everywhere!

Jul. 14th, 2017 10:40 pm
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SO AMUSED by how Netflixvania is getting people into the Castlevania game malarkey :D
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The Gunslinger by Stephen King. No bonus points for guessing that I read this to be beforehand with the upcoming movie – though I've since heard that The Gunslinger (film) is not actually based on The Gunslinger (novel), but rather is sort of a sequel to the entire Dark Tower series. And I don't think I'm going to manage to get through another seven King books in less than a month, so I suppose the whole effort was a bit pointless. But I'd been meaning to read the book for years, so maybe not so pointless after all.


The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed, goes the famous opening line, and that's a fair description of the book itself. Characters are few, and those that are present are sparse to the point of one-dimensionality, frequently given epithets rather than names. The setting is a Dark Western Fantasy in a "world that has moved on" – there was once electricity and cities and advanced medicine, but all that's left now are border towns and overgrown ruins and strange cargo cult religions built around the single still-functioning gasoline pump and stories half-remembered from before. It's one of those books where figuring out what the hell is happening and why is the main driver of tension; the reader doesn't learn why the gunslinger is chasing the man in black until the last few pages, and even then there are unanswered questions. Worldbuilding and backstory are mostly conveyed in little hints around the edges of the story, which is pared down to the equivalent of a colorless pencil sketch.

(Note: There exists both an original text (published in 1982) and a "revised and expanded" version (published in 2003); I read the original, since there doesn't seem to be a consensus opinion on which version is better.)

At its best moments, the one-note quality of the writing works like a shotgun blast to convey a specific feeling or setting: the endless dehydrating trek across a flat white desert, the eternity spent in a empty lightless tunnel crossing beneath a mountain. But on the other hand there is whatever the fuck is going on with the book's treatment of female sexuality, which is so bizarre and off putting that I'm not even sure how to describe it. Every female character is horny and obsessed with sleeping with the gunslinger, which he reluctantly deigns to allow. The one exception is his long-lost mother, whose hinted-at adultery leads to a hinted-at downfall of a kingdom, in a Queen Guinevere sort of way.

And then there's the woman who gets shot in the vagina. Which, just... what.

It's weird and episodic and doesn't work terribly well as an individual book rather than the start of a series, but on the whole I think I'm glad I read it. Besides, I hear the subsequent books improve, so I'll have to keep reading.

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Jul. 10th, 2017 11:08 am
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a story in four pictures:

cut for pics )
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All of my art links are now non-functional, excepting those few images I had on tumblr - I think Kings of the North is okay? But only some of The Sound Below Sound, and practically nothing else, including art gifts drawn for exchanges that I need to be still visible/accessible on AO3.

Some things I'll put up here, since DW has image hosting now, but DW doesn't do third party links, so I'm not sure what to do for AO3 yet. Tumblr changes their URLs too often to be helpful.

Will look into it, and try to fix! I'm sorry for the current fail.

More shiny summer things to do!

Jul. 3rd, 2017 07:45 pm
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Gen Ex - for friendships, family, enemies, co-workers- any and all '&' relationships. Signups just opened.

Watson's Woes - July promptfest has just started! Every day has a new prompt, and fics can be in any Holmesian universe or AU you like.

Iddy Iddy Bang Bang - The most self-indulgent of bangs, for all your iddiest ficable desires. Thank you [personal profile] cypher for the tip!

Innumerable Stars - Tolkien exchange! This year will have character, gen, and ship matching. All the Tolkien! Even Born of Hope. Noms soon, I think.

Drawsome - a weekly art challenge community that [personal profile] mekare linked me. It looks fun!
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