yuki_mibu: (Default)
2016-11-18 01:04 pm

Finally actually made an account

I lurked for a long-ass time after the great LJ migration and then got stupid busy with real-life stuff. But years later, now that DW also seems low-traffic, I'm over here. So hi! I'm pretty much just here to read stuff by people I remember from LJ. I anime nerd and read in free time, cook a lot (mostly vegetarian), and I'm a dept head at my job so free time is...minimal but I will hopefully remember this exists. I have an empty Imzy account, IG, tumblr, so on and so forth (though I've been way too busy for tumblr lately). Also dedicating a lot of time to political things lately, because I'm honestly kind of terrified. If any of that sounds interesting feel free to ask about it!